Who am i ?

At the moment i work as a global 3 / 4 line infrastructure specialist on site and remote, but my background is in mainframe operations, i got the opportunity to start my carer on one of the best mainframe shops in Europe.

The first 4 years was just pure education from people that wrote the books, literally, and boy there is allot of books that you need to read, imagine making a google search on something you are troubleshooting and it comes back with 0 entries, that is what it is to work on the mainframe platform. You get stuck, you start reading heavy IBM manuals.

There i got to develop my networking skills working on the network team under mentors and specialising on IBM Communication Server on z/OS. My years on the mainframe platform thought me how to run “closed” system with 99.99 % uptime and full redundancy in data-centres.

After almost 6 years on the closed platform i wanted to work on the open systems, i wanted to learn all the systems on the market, the transition was not that hard, suddenly everything had a GUI and you can click with a mouse, i discovered that everything out there is the same as the “closed” system, of course the open system dose not have the reliability and the stability of Big Iron.

The mainframe platform for me is where i got in love with IT and it will always be the most enjoyable platform for me to work on.

Here is where my blog comes in, i am using the blog as my notes, i always write down everything due it helps me remember things and i believe in sharing knowledge in paying it forward, if the site helps someone else, then that’s just a bonus for me.